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Sensor exploration and management through adaptive sensing

The identification and tracking of objects from captured sensor data relies upon statistical modeling methods to sift through large data sets and identify

Optimum sensor–actuator distance for decentralized acoustic

Optimum sensor–actuator distance for decentralized acoustic control The JournalLi, “A comparison of near-field acoustic error sensing strategies for the

detection and implementation of a sensor with an optimum

ultrasonic detection and implementation of a sensor with an optimum ivityusing near-infrared laser sources, at 1.06, 1.32, and 1.55 μm

Radar based autonomous sensor module

transmit beam and setting range resolution and power levels for optimum T. Styles, "Radar based autonomous sensor module," in Proc. SPIE Optics

The optimum sensor redeployment scheme using the most frangi

Ding, "The optimum sensor redeployment scheme using the most frangible clusters set," Computer Commun., vol. 31, pp. 3492-3502, Sep. 2008

Near-field multiple source localization by passive sensor array

A global-optimum maximum likelihood searching approach to localize these Barkat M.Near-field Mu ltip le Sources Localization by passive Sensor

Document sensor

A device detects multi-spectral imaging by using line scan elements. The device may include an illumination module and a detection module to detect light

Sensor-based orientation system

Thus, the three-sensor array shown in FIG. 2 7. Significant to the optimum performance of theor near-simultaneous, read-out of the measurements

module comprising a grating assembly and an image sensor

An optical module comprising a grating assembly and an image sensoroptimum wavelength within said range, and wherein said at least one photo


3 in cross section (first option) discloses a sensor module 2 comprising Therefore, an optimum is to be found. This optimum depends on the


This invention is about the new method of packaging the electrochemical carbon dioxide sensor and its concept of sensor-imbedded module as a replaceable

Sharpness: What is it and how is it measured? | imatest

Strong ivity to sharpening near the (high contrasts2 is the lens-to-sensor distance, and magnificationFor this lens the optimum aperture is 2-

Optimum ivities of D-type optical fiber sensor at a

The optimum incident angle for a 4 mm long and 4 μm core thickness D-type optical fiber sensor in the intensity measurements is near at 89°

Image sensor and camera module

Image sensor and camera module CN 101350893 Bof the resulting image sensor layers 12, 13 can determine the optimum

OCR and bar code reader with optimized sensor

In an optical reader for reading alphanumeric and bar code characters, an area array for scanning alphanumeric data and a single photo sensor for


An Implementation of ISP for CMOS Image Sensor on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

Computer keyboard with ultrasonic user proximity sensor

2002220-sensor module provided with a bracket for mountingnear field communication receiver (embedded in thedistance range to be adjustable fo


sensor 101 can emit visible and near-infrared There can thus exist an optimum InP layer A software module can reside in RAM memory,

Modular sensor platform

Exemplary embodiments for reconfiguring a storage system comprise a modular sensor platform, comprising: a base module comprising, a display, a processor

Radio frequency module

A radio frequency module packaging system and method characterized by compact package size, reduced packaging loss and variation, and reduced heat generation

Zemax-Based Optimum Structural Design of Probe of an Optical-

201832-Zemax-Based Optimum Structural Design of Probe of an Optical-Fiber Sensor[JMonitoring of sea bed level changes in nearshore regions using


One example discloses a combination sensor, comprising: a pressure sensor having an actuator which has a first resonant frequency; a cavity, coupled to

(PDF) First inductively coupled plasma-distance-of-flight

Here we describe the first combination of a Distance-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (DOFMS) instrument and an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) ion source

Tire module attachment mount

The present invention provides a tire monitor apparatus and monitored vehicle tire. A module which monitors tire information is supported by a rubber ply

Implantable High Efficiency Energy Transfer Module With Near-

sensor electrodes 57 to determine when to Optimum energy transfer is achieved when, the Energy Transfer Module With Near-Field Inductive

ZCS A Zeroth Level Classifier System - Eskimo North -

A near-infrared CO2 sensor system was developed based on the compact and the LoD was reduced to ~ 277 ppbv at an optimum averaging time of