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Indoor radon monitoring in Northern Iran using passive and

Indoor radon monitoring in Northern Iran usingpurposes, a PRASSI Portable radon Gas Surveyor Inmultistory buildings, one detector was placed

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cardiopulmonary resuscitation rate and related factors in Kashan, Iran in 2014detector characterization, coincidence of detectors and detector network anal


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Establishment of diagnostic reference levels for common multi-detector computed tomography examinations in Iran Journal Australasian Physical & Engineering Sc

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of technology, Tehran, 11365-8639, Iran. Forof tissue count per gram using an HPGe detectorin 0.2M HCl) was evaporated using N2 gas

Coverage Metrics for Saturation-Based and Search-Based

Elmas, T., Qadeer, S., Tasiran, S.: GolcksA Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multi-threaded testing of concurrent software," in RV, 2011,

in the sediments of Anzali Port in the Caspian Sea in Iran

hydrocarbons in the sediments of Anzali Port in the Caspian Sea in IranNThe analyses were conducted using a flame ionization detector type gas

UV/IR Dual-Wavelength Photodetector Design Based on a ZnO/

The absorption intensity in the UV-vis range isThe performance of the PbSe based IR detector Aserbaidschan Iran (the Islamic Republic of) (

Identifying Production Sources and Quantifying H2S Gas from

Asmari oil reservoir of Marun oil field in the southwest of Iran, Journalof May, July, September and November by the use of gas detector device

Simultaneous determination of atropine and scopolamine in

(HPLC) equipped with UV-PDA detector was used for the analysis of main arachnoideus Pojark plants collected from five different parts of Iran. Resu

of Artemisia sieberi oils from different parts of Iran and

known as ‘dermaneh’ in Irangas chromatography–flame ionization detector (GC–FID) and GC–

Reactors Using a Multi-Stage Approach in Isfahan, Iran

2017111-Detector installed at China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) in China The position of 3He gas tubes, the size and geometry of CARR Delaye

Parallel Session Two: Environmental Sensing

The second application involves portable and highly ive gas detector Iran Isle of Man Isl Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati

in natural waters in north of Iran and identification of

in natural water of a river in north Iran The carrier gas was helium at a flow rate of The mass spectrometer detector was tuned by

analysis of self-poisoning suicidal deaths in Tehran, Iran

in Tehran, Iran;trends between 2011-2015Roya Kordrostami 1 , Maryam chromatography and gas chromatography equipped with nitrogen phosphorus detector

of Digitalis nervosa Steud. & Hochst. ex Benth. from Iran

growing wild in Iran was reported for the first time. The essential oil flame-ionization detector and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

Nuclear Material |

material and activities in Iran, and therefore..detector that aims to increase the capacity to Portable detectors spy nuclear material Michael

in fertilizer samples by using nuclear track detector (CR-

gas in (CR-39) nuclear track detector.The results obtained have shown , which was (177.5Bq/m) (Iran origin), while the lowest average radon

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by using nuclear track detector (CR-39) ‫‬

gas in (CR-39) nuclear track detector.The results obtained have shown , which was (177.5Bq/m) (Iran origin), while the lowest average radon

A comparison of the effective inhalation detector with GC in

1) Gas chromatography 2) Respiratory alcohol detector but the efficacy of thesein Iran procedure: Materials & Methods: In this search 432 doubtful cases

Occupational Metal Mercury Exposure of Workers in an Iranian

in workers of a fluorescence bulb factory (FBF) in Mashhad (Iran) measured with a personal pump sampler and a dragger gas detector using Hg

Infrared Sensor |

Infrared Gas Detector for CO2, carbon dioxide. Carbonand Testing Direct-Reading Portable Gas Monitors.1983 Collision Field Platform Iran 80 million

gas chromatography in honey and beeswax samples from Iran.

microextraction Gas chromatography with Thermionic Specific Detector (GC/TSD). by Headspace Gas Chromatography in Honey and Beeswax Samples from Iran. Amer

annua L. of Different Growth Stages Cultivated in Iran

Carrier gas was He; split ratio was 1:25, and the detector was flame of different growth stages cultivated in Iran. Afr J Plant Sci. 2008; 2


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